Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Review of Aramahk.com

I checked my email this afternoon and it had a failure notification, as an email I had sent earlier was not deliverd to all the addresses I had sent it to. The problem was, I was not home earlier, when the email was sent. This email was sent to everyone in my contact list, including some friends from high school that I hadn't seen or spoken to in years, some business contacts, and my grandparents. It wasn't long before I started getting emails in response, wondering why I had sent this letter. It read:

Hope you everything goes well.I find a good company to buy electronic products recently. Now it is under sales promotion.they provide the attractive service and price to customers, It is really a good chance for shopping. Just grasp the opportunity, Now or never! When you are free, please visit
www.Arimahk.com .

So, I went to write an apology letter to everyone it had been sent to saying to disregard it and it was not from me. But all of my contacts were deleted. So, I started to investigate this Arimahk. Now, if you google "Arimahk," you will find a profile about a girl named Arimahk, or maybe it's her nickname, or something? Nothing about the company. There is also a complaint from someone who had the same experience I had. A spam email was sent to their account and all of their contacts were deleted.

So, I went to the website, www.arimahk.com. It is a foreign electronics website. It may or may not be legit. I did not purchase anything to find out. There was a chat option. I told them what happened. They said they wouldn't do it again, and it was the first and last time they had done it. I knew this wasn't true, since there was another report of it. They said they'ld tell their sales department to stop, then cut me off from chat. So, if you want to encourage these people to hack into other people's email accounts and send spam on their behalf, then give this company your money. If however, you think that practice is sleasy and should not be rewarded, go somewhere else to find electronics.


  1. Hi! Do you have virus control on your computer? Most likely it was a virus or spy ware that deleted your contacts. Lisa

  2. No, it was my Yahoo account, so it was definitely and internet hacker.