Thursday, April 9, 2009

Things I've Learned About Cooking

These are recent tips I've learned about cooking and food.

1) Refrigerate an onion for at east a half hour before cutting. This way, you won't cry. For a crybaby like me, this is awesome. I've tried lots of things to not cry from onions and this works well. I didn't have a tear!

2) Salt eggplant before cooking. After you slice your eggplant, salt one side and let it sit for 15 mintes. You will see the liquid droplets on the surface of the egglant. Then turn the eggplant over and salt the other side. Let it sit for 15 minuttes and proceed to cook. This makes it much more flavorful.

3) If you want the medical benefits of garlic, use it within 15 minutes of chopping. After that, it loses 90% of it's potency. Bad news for me, who just bought one of those massive jars of prechopped garlic!

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